QFS Services

We've listed some of our most popular services below. Quality First Solutions is able to customize each of these services for a unique experience for each client.

Purchased Service Solutions

Purchased Services are found all throughout Hospitals and often this spend is decentralized and not reported  to Purchasing. QFS has been able to address 70% of a Hospital's Purchased Service spend with savings ranging from 5% to 33%. 

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Physician Preference Item Review

The large disconnect between hospital cost reduction goals and physician preferences creates huge variability in cost and quality. In addition to the typically high price tags, physician preference items generally prove to be difficult supply to manage effectively. It's estimated that 60% of a hospital's total supply cost consists of PPIs. QFS can help to reduce those costs through benchmarks and standardization. 

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Education & Training

Throughout each engagement, QFS provides education and training to clients. Additionally QFS can provide no cost seminars to clients. Some of our seminars include, but are not limited to, "Insider Secrets to Savings", "Navigating the Landscape of Healthcare Negotiations", and "Better Benchmarking".

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Credit & Accrual Recovery Service

QFS takes a unique approach to the typical AP Audit by diving into the client's AP Spend and Accrual Reports to provide maximum savings and credits.  

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RFP Management

Each year, QFS manages dozens of RFPs for clients. QFS handles the entire process from creating the RFP, to engaging and contacting the various vendors to the final vendor implementation. 

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Revenue Enhancement

Understanding how supply expense related to reimbursement can uncover additional opportunities for your facility to consider.  

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