RFP Management

The QFS RFP Management Process

The unique RFP Management Process at Quality First Solutions is broken down into a four phased approach, outlined below:

1. Discovery

During the discovery phase of the RFP Management Process, QFS works to collect data on the current vendor in addition to identifying and meeting with key stakeholders. A timeline is set during this phase and additional constraints and requirements are discussed. Once the Discovery is complete, QFS begins to draft the RFP. 

2. RFP Formation & Publication

A customized RFP template is presented to the client and any changes can be made before the RFP is published. QFS works with clients to determine which vendors are best suited to be included in the RFP. QFS directly engages vendors in answering questions and providing timeline updates throughout this step.

3. Review

After the RFP responses have been collected, QFS begins a deep dive analysis of all RFP responses. Responses are analyzed and compared, anomalies are reviewed with vendors and a summary is presented to the client. 

4. Reward

Once you've selected the vendor you'd like to move forward with, Quality First Solutions will assist in the final implementation.