Quality First Solutions

George Malik and Jennifer Bailey founded QFS in 2015 to provide the healthcare industry with personalized cost reduction consulting services. Our highly experienced team of analytical professionals is dedicated to uncovering savings opportunities overlooked by others.

At Quality First Solutions we believe in turning over every stone to help hospitals improve their bottom line. Our team focuses on identifying revenue improvements, reducing current expenses and providing process improvement through sustainable implementation and education.

What Makes Us Different

No Cost Commitment

Unlike other consulting firms, Quality First Solutions does not have any upfront costs to begin an engagement.  Our unique business model, being 100% contingency based, provides a totally risk free value proposition. We don't get paid until savings are achieved for our clients. 

Non-Intrusive Tailored Approach

We provide each client with a unique experience tailored to their preferences. Everything from client and vendor involvement to the undertaking of projects is at the sole discretion of our clients. Throughout the engagement, we're non-intrusive and respectful of our clients' time. After we collect data, the analysis is done from our offices. We schedule weekly in-person meetings and/or conference calls around our clients’ schedules. Additionally, we're cognizant of the need to protect and preserve the positive relationships that our clients have developed with their vendors. All vendor interactions are undertaken in a consultative, non-confrontational manner, which are validated with proprietary benchmarking data compiled over many years.

Breadth of Knowledge

We have a large breadth of knowledge on all Hospital expenses, which can produce substantial savings for our clients.  At Quality First Solutions, we are constantly striving to increase our expansive knowledge in the medical field. Having core values placed in the growth of education and learning, we like to share as much knowledge as we can with our clients and are happy to offer no-cost advice. A selection of our knowledge-sharing can be found on our Publications Page