Purchased Service Solutions

At Quality First Solutions, we look at all areas of Purchased Services and break them down into seven categories; Administrative, Ancillary, Information Technology, Outsources Services, Plant Operations & Maintenance, Support Services, Capital, and Clinical. We’ve found that 70% of a Hospital’s total Purchased Services spend is typically addressable with an average savings of 5 to 33%.

Here's 10 things you should know about your Hospital's Purchased Services: 

  1. Purchased Services are any services contracted for and performed by someone other than in-house staff. 
  2. In the Healthcare Industry, Purchased Services account for more than $100 billion in spending every year. 
  3. 20 to 30 % of almost every hospital’s budget is made up of Purchased Services.
  4. Purchased Services spend is often decentralized, resulting in a lack of cohesive decision making and strategy.
  5. Non-clinical Purchased Services can account for up to 80% of the hospital purchased spend.
  6. Many Purchased Service contracts automatically renew without negotiation.
  7. There is little to no reliable benchmarking for hospitals to use for their Purchased Services.
  8. The majority of Purchased Service agreements do not flow through the Purchasing department.
  9. Most Purchased Service agreements can be renegotiated before the end of a current agreement. 
  10. Quality First Solutions can help you reduce your Hospital’s Purchased Service more than 5 to 33 percent!

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