Credit & Accrual Recovery Service

The Credit & Accrual Recovery Service through Quality First Solutions begins with collection of your AP Spend Report and an Accrual Report. From there the QFS team begins collecting invoice and contracts. QFS takes an unobtrusive approach, working from our offices to identify savings. Throughout the process Quality First Solutions is cognizant of the privacy of your data and protects it. Savings are presented on an ongoing basis. 

The QFS Credit & Accrual Recovery Service reviews 11 key areas: 

  1. Price Accuracy Review; Distribution vs Direct
  2. Invoice Activity Review 
  3. Contract Compliance
  4. Overpayments & Duplicate Payments
  5. Unapplied Credits & Deposits
  6. Identification of owed Rebates or Contract Allowances
  7. Accrued Payment Validation 
  8. Tax Verification; State & Local 
  9. Miscellaneous Charge Review; Late Fees, Freight Charges, Etc. 
  10. Unclaimed Funds
  11. Accrual Clean Up