Physician & Clinician Preference Item Review

Physician and clinician preference items are some of the most expensive products ordered by a hospital’s purchasing department, up to 60% of total supply costs are items are preference items. These items range from expensive orthopedic implants to everyday items such as gloves. When selecting certain items, clinicians frequently take factors other than cost into consideration; such as their personal experience, a patient’s interest or even their relationship with the manufacturer’s representative. 

The large disconnect between the cost reduction goals of the hospital and a physicians or clinicians preference, in addition to the generally high price tags, create a huge variability in cost that can be avoided. Quality First Solutions has proven strategies to manage those costs. 

PPIs have traditionally been an untouched item when it comes to cost reduction as hospitals fear physicians will leave the hospital if preference item constraints are implemented. Quality First Solutions has been able to create specific strategies to fully engage physicians and clinicians in cost reduction initiatives, specifically to reduce costs on the rarely touched physician preference items. 

The biggest impact on Physician & Clinician Preference Items occurs when physicians, healthcare executives and the supply chain come together to reduce costs and improve patient care. Quality First Solutions’ collaborative 5 step approach helps bring these groups together to achieve savings.

How It Works

Working with facilities and developing constructs for Hips, Knees, Shoulders, Spine and Trauma will allow your organization to fully understand the price variance between vendors and match it to the revenue generated. Once that process is complete, engagement with the administration, Purchasing, Physicians and Clinicians has to occur. Your organization will experience revenue improvements, cutting the bottom line expenses by over 20%.

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